Black Lives Matter

We are unlearning, learning, listening, and doing more.  Since opening this last year, we have tried our best to provide an open inviting space to our customers, and have aimed to support as many independent women dyers as it is possible for us to do.

But the fact is, we can do better.  We are currently working on adding an “Our Values” page to our website, and adding a more diverse range of dyers to our line up. We are also working to add a new permanent item in our store soon that will be a continuing revenue stream for donations to help in the fight against racism.

For those of you interested in the above and other books about these issues, we suggest contacting Eye See Me African American Children's Bookstore -  a Black Owned Local Bookstore in the St. Louis area.  We have had these titles in our shop available to staff along with related articles since last year's Diversity in Knitting movement made us realize that we can do better.

Also, we are highlighting Black Designers and Dyers in our industry along with Local Black Owned Businesses on our Instagram Stories. This is one small thing we can do to amplify Black Voices. We want to create space for these voices to be heard and lifted up.

We just want you to know where we stand.

Black Lives Matter.