Product Spotlight - Poms!

Social distancing getting a little too boring? Need an activity to do with kids? Or an activity to keep your pre-teen/teen off their devices? Pom Poms to the rescue!

We have some great supplies to start this new craft for you or your family.

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First off, we carry the Loome tool and a medley of Loome products. This versatile product not only makes poms; but you can make cords, tassels, friendship bracelets, and small weavings. Loome has so many great how-to videos, and we also carry their Pom Pom Basics and Patterns book for in-print learning. There's also a kit with the Loome tool included!


The Curious Crafter uses the Loome tool with OmegaCryl yarn (we have 45 colors!) to decorate our brick and mortar shop. My favorite thing is Knitasha's (our mascot's) seasonal pom necklace! 


A new to us pom pom maker comes from Clover. This donut style maker is easy to use and makes nice fluffy pom poms. Not as versatile as the Loome tool, but we do carry POM POM POM by Henry Le which utilizes this particular tool to make anything from animals to emoji motifs.


Too tired and stressed to make pom poms? Already made LovaFur faux fur poms are in stock. Just tie one on for instant fluffy goodness. Or knit/crochet with Mondo Fil Oshare Pon Pon yarn. It can be really effective when held with another yarn in a baby blanket. It adds some floating color to your project.


Make Stuff. Have Fun. Stay Safe!