New Crafts to Survive Social Distancing

With many of us spending way more time at home these days, this might be the perfect time to start a new craft. At The Curious Crafter, we carry a variety of craft supplies - not just yarn (we do love the yarn)! Hopefully, you'll find a craft below to occupy your mind!

Needle Felting

Feel like stabbing things? Try Needle Felting! With this fun craft, you can make anything from a flat work of art to hang on the wall to a 3-dimensional animal. We have kits available with everything you need to get started except the foam mat (also found in our shop). If you are a little nervous to start by yourself, know that our Felted Sky kits come with links to video instructions.




Sashiko means "little stabs" in Japanese. Perfect word for this craft! Whether you'd like to work from a prepared fabric or repair those torn jeans with visible mending, we have you covered with our Sashiko supplies and mending books.  We carry marking supplies, a variety of colors of thread, thimbles and more! 


Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is basically just making artwork with criss crossed thread. If you've ever wanted to try this craft, Junebug and Darlin kits are perfect! They come with everything you need to make your first work of art. Check out the skill level in the bottom of the page of each kit to learn the skill level of that particular kit.




Macramé is another great craft to try. Spring is coming - so why not make a plant hanger for yourself? Brighten up your little corner of the world! Our macramé rope doesn't just come in natural. We have a variety of colors for you to choose from.  With every purchase of rope, we will include a ring to get your plant hanger started (while supplies last). We also carry washi tape to tape the ends of your rope - this prevents messy ends as you work.



Punch Needle

Wanting to use up leftover or stash yarns? Punch Needle or Weaving might be a new craft you'd like to try. For punch needle, you typically use worsted to bulky weight yarn. We carry everything you need to start your first project. You will need a hoop, a punch needle tool, and monk's cloth. Optionally, we carry a couple books to get you orientated and started on your punch needle journey. 




Weaving can use any weight yarn. The looms we carry can be used to make anything from earrings to tapestries. It is also a fun project for kids. For kids, we would recommend either the Harrisville Designs Potholder Loom or Lap Loom (not that they are just for kids!) We also have 2 other small looms made by Schacht that would be great to get you started weaving. Want a smaller weaving project? Purl & Loop have small project weavers that are perfect for the curious.




Make Stuff. Have Fun. Stay Safe!