Welcome to The Curious Crafter!

The spark of this project has been growing for quite a long time, and it is incredible to see it finally burst into life!  

Making has always been a big part of my life. My childhood heros – my grandmother, my aunts, cousins, and my mother – all were sewists, crocheters, quilters, knitters, artists, and designers. Their creative work was so woven into the fabric of their everyday lives that their crafting was just as essential as eating and sleeping.  So it‘s probably unsurprising that crafting is such a fundamental part of my life as well.

When my family gathers together to quilt or sew or work on any project, we share a deep camaraderie. We learn and draw inspiration from each other.  Our goal at The Curious Crafter is to provide the tools and nourishing environment for you to find inspiration in your own creative work.

The Curious Crafter aims to respond to the evolution in retail with a business model that will enable us to closely follow product trends and modern crafting methods, while meeting our customers’ desire for high quality and well-sourced tools and supplies.  We will also focus on classes and events for all skill levels, from those who have never picked up a needle to those ready to master advanced techniques.

You can shop with us online, and in our shop in the Fernwood Plaza at 13035 Olive Blvd, Ste. 208 in St. Louis, MO.  We have non-traditional retail hours, so be sure to check the website and our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see when we are open.

So we invite you to join us: sign up for a class, or attend a craft night! Take a look around our online shop! Check the website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thecuriouscraterstl for shop hours and come see what we have to offer.  We look forward to meeting you!

Make stuff.  Have fun. Stay curious.