Guys Knit The Instruction Manual by Sockmatician

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Guys Knit. Yup. We do. For the man with nothing to prove.
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Guys Knit. Yup. We do.

Sockmatician wants to challenge the commonly held 'misperception' that knitting is a feminine pursuit - Guys Knit is a beginner's guide to knitting, and it is aimed specifically at men.

He set out to write a manual that a guy might notice, and think to himself: that's a book that represents me, and who I am. He wanted to do that because he is a guy. "We can overthrow the ridiculous notion that guys don't, or shouldn't, knit. We do. And we should."

  • From zero knowledge to hero knitter
  • Five specially designed patterns
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Handy hints, tips, tricks, and things to watch out for
  • 25 online videos supporting all the tutorials in the manual