Make + Mend by Jessica Marquez

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Sashiko-inspired embroidery projects to customize and repair textiles and decorate your home.
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Requiring no special equipment other than a sewing needle and thread, Make + Mend by Jessica Marquez introduces the incredibly simple method using a running stitch to form pleasing geometric patterns. Sashiko is traditionally used to mend and repair clothing and textiles, but it can just as easily be employed to create beautiful, decorative projects for the home. With fifteen projects applying a modern, on-trend aesthetic to this ancient craft, Make + Mend  shows you how to apply Sashiko stitching to a variety of projects, such as repairing torn jeans, mending a ripped hem, and making a tote bag or a patterned scarf. Whether you're a seasoned maker or a total beginner, this easy and accessible book is the perfect entrée to Japanese folk embroidery.