Malabrigo Verano-Book 16

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Knitters are always asking Malabrigo for another light yarn for use in summer, and they have risen to the challenge. They have finally given in to the impulse to start dyeing plant fibers! This was no small endeavor, since the dyeing process for plant-based fibers—cotton, flax and linen—is vastly different than that of animal-based fibers like merino, alpaca and silk. Since they want all of their yarns to have the classic bright, intense “malabrigo style,” they had to make a lot of little tweaks along the way. They hope you love the way the new colors turned out as much as you love their original colors.

A lot of care has gone into the making of this yarn and the designing of the beautiful patterns they present here. They hope you enjoy knitting up this light, noble fiber, and that it helps get you ready for summer.

Malabrigo Verano - Book 16 Patterns:

  • Sabana Lace Pullover by Deborah Newton
  • Marigot Garter Stripe Shawl by Jacqueline van Dillen
  • Esperanza Dolman Striped Pullover by Mari Lynn Patrick
  • Gustavia Eyelet Sleeveless Top by Yoko Hatta
  • Bridgetown Striped Tote by Karin Fernandes
  • Charlotte Brioche Cardigan by Kristen TenDyke
  • Porlamar Lace Border Cardigan by Yoko Hatta
  • Corozal Diamond Lace Shawl by Yoko Hatta
  • Claras Raglan Tee by Pat Olski
  • Amalie Striped Shawl by Wei Wilkins
  • Bonaire Mesh Poncho by Yoko Hatta
  • Vallalba Stripes Pullover by Laura Zukaite
  • Tobago Mesh Shawl by Anita Bose Natarajan
  • Scarborough Boxy Fade Pullover by Jane Yu
  • Montserrat Sawtooth Blanket by Audrey Drysdale


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