Purl & Loop Stash Blaster Birch Bracelet Loom

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A great way to blast through your fine yarn and thread stash while weaving beautiful bracelets. Ideal for working with finer weight yarns or luxurious threads.
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The Purl & Loop Stash Blaster Bracelet Loom is lightweight, portable, and made of 1/8" birch wood, and measures approximately 8” x 2.75" with a weaving space of 7" x 2 3/8".  The finished bracelet size can measure up to 7” x 2 3/8". These dimensions should accommodate most wrist sizes but the length may be extended with the use of jewelry findings such as additional jump rings or a chain. 

This loom is a sett (size) of 10 e.p.i. (ends per inch). Makes it ideal to work with a finer weight yarn or luxurious threads. To work with a bulkier weight yarn, the user may warp every other prong for a sett of 5 e.p.i or 6 e.p.i.


Birch Bracelet Loom with Findings Includes: 

  • step-by-step photo instructions
  • metal tapestry needle
  • 2” weaving comb
  • cotton carrying bag
  • 3 sets of jewelry findings to make three different width bracelets (colors and metal finishes may vary)


Other Tools & Materials Required:

  • jewelry pliers (flat-nose, round-nose, and bent-nose suggested)
  • scissors
  • yarn and/or thread
  • glue may be needed to secure ribbon crimp ends to bracelet fabric
  • tape may be used to secure warp threads